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The Queen of Hearts' Garden 2.0
by Takamori
Realm: Chaos
Class Range20m-70m
From chaos: 3e,4s,tear card

The Queen of Hearts' Garden 2.0 is an area in chaos. From the center of Chaos, the directions are: 3e,4s,tear card.

The area is a ring-shaped and the area is exited by sit bench on the north side.

The class range is approximately 20m - 70m.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is approximately class 70m and has mental damage specials. She will drop 1 or 2 rings with random skills.

Aggro Mechanic

This area has a unique aggro mechanic that does not work like other areas on the MUD. When the Queen is attacked, she will summon help from the cards in the area. The cards will "remember" the player they were summoned against permanently and will attack them on sight. However, if a card is "remembering" a player, they will not assist against any other player. Cards remembering a player is completely separate from the normal MUD aggro system. For this reason, killing the cards is highly discouraged because when the card respawns it will no longer "remember" its original target and will start assisting the Queen against new targets.

In a typical boot, someone will "burn" an alt they're not planning to play (or will burn themselves to snag an early Ring of Hearts and not return) so all the cards "remember" that character and will not assist against any other character.

In general, if you find yourself being attacked by cards, it's best to leave the area as soon as possible and do NOT kill the cards attacking you, as this will reset them and they will start assisting the Queen again. In this case, if you ask, plenty of people will be happy to come take out the Queen and share the rings since sparing cards helps everyone.

Ring of Hearts

The Ring of Hearts is a ring with some SMD that provides +1 increases to three random mud skills. The same skill can come up multiple times so rings with +3 to a single skill (or +2 to one skill and +1 to another) are possible. Skills boosted by the ring can be increased over the normal maximum.