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Section Z is a scaling dungeon in Science inspired by the arcade shooter of the same name. Directions from the entrance of Science are u,3n,w,n


The area is comprised of 59 small numbered "Sections" which contain up or down exists which lead to the next section. The sections are not traversed in consecutive order. Some exits are blocked until you disable (i.e. kill) the corresponding Generator.


Pure casters, so difficult to say what damage types

Testing dmg types. So far only to level 29 of the dungeon. Seems to be consistent: Physical (E/B) melee plus specials which can use other types.

Clone Soldiers - Blunt and Energy specials
Spiral Gun     - Blunt and Energy specials
Cloud Eyes     - Energy specials
Gromas         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leagos         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leavas         - Blunt specials
Rippers        - Blunt specials 
Generators     - Energy and Electric specials

Unique Critters:

Section 19: Zamuza radiation & blunt specials 
Section 39: Balba electric & radiation specials (slightly larger than average) 
Section 45: Galga fire & radiation specials (slightly larger than average) 
Section 49: Brain edged & acid specials (noticably larger than average) 

Alignment note: First mob I checked was good, so if you're in an alignment-sensitive guild you'll want to pay attention.


Capsules can be eaten (and id to their color) for boots to mskills or stats. In additions, capsules are used at the end to build a piece of armor.

Green capsules give temporary buffs to wisdom and dexterity, blue capsules give temporary increases to the critical and penetration mskills, and orange capsules temporarily increase the focus and regeneration mskills. Green capsules do not rot, but orange and blue ones do. However, orange and blue capsules may be "compress"ed to yield a stone which can no longer be consumed, but can still be used to create armor at the end.


At the end of the main area, you will find a "Small Figurine" on the ground. This figurine can be used to make a helmet, main, gloves, or boots using the capsules dropped throughout the area. The level of the armor depends on the scaler the figurine dropped in, not the capsules. Each piece requires two capsules and whichever capsules you use will imbue the armor with permanent versions of the buffs you get from eating them. You can mix-and-match the colors or use two of the same color for a greater effect.

Other gear

In addition to the Small Figurine, the boss (Brain) will drop a shield which can be worn in an "Other" slot with some SMD. Upon completion, you will also meet The Developer who will give you a button based on the scaler of the dungeon you completed.

Continue Codes

When completing Sections 20 and 40, you will receive a continue code. These codes will allow you by bypass the first 20 or 40 sections next time you start the dungeon. You do not have to use the codes at the same scaler; codes are good for you for all scaler levels. You will get 5 continues total before you will have to earn a new set of continues.

On top of continue codes, you can pause game at any time to exit to the title screen room and then unpause to return to where you were. Pausing and unpausing can only be used in the same specific instance; if your dungeon resets, you will lose your pause.


Scaler 34 : ~35k
Scaler 45 : ~45k
Scaler 55 : ~130k
Scaler 60 : ~225k
Scaler 70 : 770k - 810k  (Galga 1.3M)
Scaler 75 : 1.6M - 1.8M
Scaler 80 : 2.4M - 3.1M
Scaler 85 : 4.6M - 5.1M  (Galga 6.6M, Brain 8.5M)
Scaler 88 : 5.1M - 6.2M
 a Leeva                        Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.1M
 a Groma                        Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.6M
 a Cloud Eye                    Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.3M
 a Clone Soldier                Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.5M
 a Spiral Gun                   Section 03(kikipopo)                      6.0M
90 : 6.2M-7.3M
101: 11-13M
105: 15-18M
110: 19-25M
115: starts around 25m
117: ~32m
120: 37.8m
130: ~55M
138: ~70m
140: 81-87M
144 is ~97M.  very linear scaler
148 is 92M~112M