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Death Taco
by Lime
Realm: Chaos
From chaos: 4w,e,n,w,2n,taco

Death Taco in a dungeon in Chaos. From the center of Chaos, the directions are: 4w,e,n,w,2n,taco.

It is laid out like a sideways "U". At each station, you can "grab <ingredient"> and it will start a fight. Each mob drops an item you can use to assemble a taco at the end of the "U". The menu on the will will let you know which ingredients you need and the further down you go in the menu, the harder the tacos get.

In most rooms, you can go "down" and enter a brief falling room before landing on the floor. There are multiple cockroaches on the floor. Once the cockroaches are dead, at the westernmost edge is a room with a grate you can break to enter a hidden room to the west. In there is a chihuahua. After killing the chihuahua, you can use "door" to leave the area.

Since the Lettuce (and every taco, since they all contain lettuce) can force you out of the room, you can potentially be sent down. It may be worthwhile to head down right off the bad and clear out the cockroaches, break the grate, and kill the chihuahua before you get started. It will also mean you can escape more quickly if you need to.


Each ingredient has a different abilities and tacos have the combined abilities of their ingredients:

  • shell: bleed effect
  • cheese: force unwield of weapon
  • lettuce: force move to another room
  • meat: -stat debuff (str, dex, con)
  • sour cream: regens itself (Death taco will get 4 lives with sour cream)
  • guacamole: force remove of gear
  • hot sauce: blinds

Recipes for each taco are:

  • veggie taco: shell, lettuce, tomatoes
  • cheesy taco: shell, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese
  • meat taco: shell, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, meat
  • works taco: shell, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, meat, sour cream, guacamole
  • DEATH TACO: shell, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, meat, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce


After defeating any taco, you can 'push door' from assembly room. Otherwise, you can do go 'down' from any room. You'll fall for two rounds and then be on the floor where there will be a bunch of cockroaches. They're much smaller than any ingredient. After killing all of them, in the westmost room, you can 'break grate', kill the dog, and then use the 'door' to leave.


Each ingredient drops an item you need to assemble the final taco. Drops from the taco itself will depend on the current scaler. 91 is the break point for maximum awards

Veggie Taco

  • A Veggie Taco (<strength>)
    • plain: +3 wis, 75% overmax hp only, three uses
    • crisp: +4 wis, 100% overmax hp only, three uses
  • A side of rice (<strength>)
    • moist: 37.3% hp/sp overmax, three uses
    • steaming: 50% overmax hp+sp, three uses
  • A <size> pop (sp heal x3-4, "refill pop" will work several times with a chance to fail and lose the cup.)
    • Small: ~100 sp heal, x3
    • Large: 250 sp heal, x4
  • A Cerveza (<strength>)
    • (plain) first time +2 con. Each drink is 50% overmax sp. 4 uses.
    • (refreshing) first time +3 con. Each drink 83% overmax sp.
    • (strong) first time +4 con, each is 100% overmax sp, 3 uses

Cheesy Taco

  • tin foil (shiny): boost radiation and mental ac
  • nacho cheese (huge): boosts ice and acid ac
  • meat paste (brick): boost edge and energy ac
  • sour cream (huge): boosts fire and electric ac
  • Refried beans (brick): boost blunt and poison ac

Meat Taco

  • Side of beans (spicy) = room damage, not sure type, duration or amount
  • Sliced jalapenos (hot) = hp regen +10 a round
  • Cinnamon twists (sugary) = once/round can use for more damage, maybe 6 or 7 uses
  • Wet wipe (gigantic) = room peace, one use. To use: "wipe hands". Doesn't work on all mobs.

Works Taco

  • Cup of salsa (giant) = +4 dex, +4 int, +2 wis, +2 cha (Lvl 114) - random stat boost ?
  • Lime wedge (juicy). Add Acid damage to weapon
  • Packet of hot sauce (fire). Adds fire damage to weapo
  • Leaf of Lettuce. Adds WC and converted all wc to blunt

Death Taco

  • Guacamole skin treatment (medium): Level 54 - damage reduction - large amount or long duration.
  • Quesadilla Codpiece (medium): other-type armor
  • Spork Lance (wicked) (enchanted)


Thanks to Fluffy who gave drop info and to those who helped compile it.

Scaler 29:
   Cockroaches              1-6k
   Chihuahua                9k
   Crispy Taco Shell        19-21k
   Shredded Lettuce         24-30k
   Soggy Diced Tomatoes     22-23k
   Grated Cheese            24-30k
   Mystery Meat             41-42k
   Guacamole                40-43k
   Packet of Hot Sauce      46k

   Veggie Taco              33k
   Cheesy Taco              39k
   Meat Taco                46k

Scaler 40: (Ingredients are based only on 1 or 2 kills)
    Cockroaches: 6-12k
    Rabid Chihuahua: 30k
    Crispy Taco Shell: 55k
    Shredded Lettuce: 54k-61k
    Soggy Dice Tomatoes: 45k-46k

Scaler 45:
Crispy Taco Shell         [       61190] (60k - 65k)
Shredded Lettuce          [       70300] (67k-70k)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes      [       67945] (67k-74k)
Grated Cheese             [       89515] (79k - 90k)
Menacing Mystery Meat     [      129610] (118k - 135k)
Smelly Sour Cream         [      329495] (329k)
Gigantic Guacamole        [      279350] (279k)
Packet of Hot Sauce       [      457750] (457k)

Scaler 55:
Shredded Lettuce              [ 135615] (135k-144k)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes          [ 172060] (162k-183k)
Grated Cheese                 [ 265645] (265k-285k)
Menacing Mystery Meat         [ 290065] (290k)
Suspiciously Strong Meat Taco [1008920] (1.0M)
Cheesy Taco                   [ 502185] (502k-554k)

Scaler 58:
Crispy Taco Shell          [      172875] (172k)
Shredded Lettuce           [      161695] (161k)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes       [      202205] (202k)
Cheesy Taco                [      636030] (636k)

Scaler 60:
Shredded Lettuce           [      169345] (169k)

Scaler 62:
Crispy Taco Shell         [      213312] (190k - 215k)
Shredded Lettuce          [      222097] (205k - 222k)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes      [      269475] (230k - 270k)
Menacing Mystery Meat     [      423088] (416k - 434k)

Gigantic Guacamole        [     1013672] (1.01M - 1.03M)
Packet of Hot Sauce       [     1530773] (153k)

Veggie Taco               [      579154] (537k - 594k)

Scaler 64:
   Crispy Taco Shell                 220k
   Shredded Lettuce                  215k
   Soggy Diced Tomatoes              280k - 310k
   Grated Cheese                    450k - 480k
   Menacing Mystery Meat            445k - 460k

   Gigantic Guacamole              1.09M - 1.19 M
   Packet of Hot Sauce             1.70M

   Veggie Taco                       545k
   Cheesy Taco                       840k - 890k

Scaler 65:
    Cockroaches: 11k - 22k
    Rabid Chihuahua: 82k
    Crispy Taco Shell: 229k - 261k
    Shredded Lettuce: 197k - 250k
    Soggy Diced Tomatoes: 315k - 321k
    Grated Cheese: 492k - 521k
    Menacing Mystery Meat: 479k - 496k
    Smelly Sour Cream: 1.2M
    Gigantic Guacamole: 1.1M - 1.2M
    Packet of Hot Sauce: 1.8M
    Suspiciously Strong Veggie Taco: 585k
    Suspiciously Strong Cheesy Taco: 917k
    Suspiciously Strong Meat Taco: 1.7M

Scaler 66:

   Soggy Diced Tomatoes              300k
   Grated Cheese                     490k-515k

   Cheesy Taco                       960k-970k

Scaler 67:
   Nasty Cheesy Taco                 1.13M
   Nasty Works Taco                  5.17M

Scaler 68:
   Crispy Taco Shell                 295k - 320k
   Shredded Lettuce                  235k - 290k
   Soggy Diced Tomatoes              355k - 405k
   Grated Cheese                     520k - 555k
   Menacing Mystery Meat             585k - 610k
   Smelly Sour Cream                1.47M - 1.51M
   Gigantic Guacamole               1.38M - 1.39M
   Packet of Hot Sauce              2.05M - 2.07M

   Nasty Veggie Taco                 670k - 700k
   Nasty Cheesy Taco                1.05M - 1.15M
   Nasty Death Taco                 15.1M

Scaler 70:
    Crispy Taco Shell: 345k - 389k
    Shredded Lettuce: 269k - 286k
    Soggy Diced Tomatoes: 431k - 456k
    Grated Cheese: 616k - 632k
    Menacing Mystery Meat: 650k - 689k
    Gigantic Guacamole: 1.5m
    Smelly Sour Cream: 1.6m - 1.7m
    Packet of Hot Sauce: 2.2m - 2.3m
    Nasty Veggie Taco: 798k - 842k
    Nasty Cheesy Taco: 1.3m
    Nasty Meat Taco: 2.3m
    Nasty Works Taco: 5.6m
    Nasty DEATH TACO (tm): 16.4m

Scaler 75:
    Cockroaches: 13k - 34k
    Chihuahua: 163k
    Crispy Taco Shell: 416k - 458k
    Shredded Lettuce: 340k - 356k
    Soggy Diced Tomatoes: 526k - 553k
    Grated Cheese: 709k - 755k
    Menacing Mystery Meat: 730k - 761k
    Smelly Sour Cream: 1.8M - 1.9M
    Gigantic Guacamole: 1.7M - 1.8M
    Packet of Hot Sauce: 2.6M
    Nasty Veggie Taco: 987k
    Nasty Cheesy Taco: 1.4M
    Nasty Meat Taco: 2.5M

Scaler 80:
    Cockroaches: 13k - 41k
    Chihuahua: 258k
    Crispy Taco Shell: 528k - 566k
    Shredded Lettuce: 459k - 483k
    Soggy Diced Tomatoes: 647k - 688k
    Grated Cheese: 1.0M
    Menacing Mystery Meat: 940k - 998k
    Smelly Sour Cream: 2.4M - 2.5M
    Gigantic Guacamole: 2.2M - 2.3M
    Packet of Hot Sauce: 3.3M
    Nasty Veggie Taco: 1.2M
    Nasty Cheesy Taco: 1.9M
    Nasty Meat Taco: 3.3M

Scaler 91: (scaler breakpoint for max rewards)
    (Eventually these two lists will be merged)
    Cockroaches: 10k - 43k
    Chihuahua: 453k
    Crispy Taco Shell: 1.0M
    Shredded Lettuce: 808k - 827k
    Soggy Diced Tomatoes: 1.2M - 1.3M
    Grated Cheese: 1.8M
    Mystery Meat: 1.6M - 1.7M
    Smelly Sour Cream: 3.8M - 3.9M
    Gigantic Guacamole: 3.7M
    Deadly Veggie Taco: 2.2M - 2.3M
    Deadly Cheesy Taco: 3.2M - 3.3M

    1656485 : Menacing Mystery Meat (1.66M)
    4112177 : Smelly Sour Cream (4.11M)
    3804202 : Gigantic Guacamole (3.80M)
    4812810 : Packet of Hot Sauce (4.81M)

    5286163 : Deadly Meat Taco (5.29M)
    9665867 : Deadly Works Taco (9.67M)
    37179655 : Deadly DEATH TACO (tm) (37.2M)

Scaler 96: (Sufficient for highest level drops)
A Disgusting Cockroach (17,945)
Rabid Chihuahua (505,150)
Crispy Taco Shell (1,190,350)
Shredded Lettuce (864,415)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes (1,453,705)
Grated Cheese (1,968,875)
Menacing Mystery Meat (1,884,450)
Smelly Sour Cream (3,955,570)
Gigantic Guacamole (3,857,090)
Packet of Hot Sauce (5,216,600)
Deadly Veggie Taco (2,507,760)
Deadly Cheesy Taco (3,401,040)
Deadly Meat Taco (4,782,225)
37,690,200 : Deadly DEATH TACO (tm)

Scaler 101:
Crispy Taco Shell:      1,639,811
Shredded Lettuce:       1,182,846
Soggy Diced Tomatoes:   1,910,088
Grated Cheese:          2,707,822
Menacing Mystery Meat:  2,426,782
Smelly Sour Cream:      5,184,574
Gigantic Guacamole:     5,105,970
Packet of Hot Sauce:    6,424,032
Deadly Works Taco:      9,612,312
Deadly DEATH TACO(tm):  43,980,342

Scaler 130:
  Crispy Taco Shell      : 2.9M-3M
  Shredded Lettuce       : 2.2M
  Soggy Diced Tomatoes   : 
  Grated Cheese          :
  Menacing Mystery Meat  :
  Smelly Sour Cream      :
  Gigantic Guacamole     :
  Packet of Hot Sauce    :

  Deadly Veggie Taco     :
  Deadly Cheesy Taco     :
  Deadly Works Taco      :
  Deadly DEATH TACO(tm)  :

Scaler 135:

    3047781 : Crispy Taco Shell (3.05M)
    2257561 : Shredded Lettuce (2.26M)
    3706522 : Soggy Diced Tomatoes (3.71M)
    4732194 : Grated Cheese (4.73M)
    3885615 : Menacing Mystery Meat (3.89M)
    7147075 : Smelly Sour Cream (7.15M)
    6957275 : Gigantic Guacamole (6.96M)
    8891534 : Packet of Hot Sauce (8.89M)

    5744207 : Deadly Veggie Taco (5.74M)
    6770223 : Deadly Cheesy Taco (6.77M)
    8669830 : Deadly Meat Taco (8.67M)
   13771160 : Deadly Works Taco (13.7M)