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 CYBORGS :: Cold Fusion Grid Pack
 The so-called 'holy grail' of physics seemed destined to remain out
 of reach until C.R.C. scientists mastered the process using a previously
 undiscovered element to extract enormous amounts of energy from
 hydrogen. Though essentially a simple reaction, the sheer quantity
 of power generated requires that the Cold Fusion Grid Pack is
 installed in a Power Grid.
 In-Game Bonus: Adds Power for Implants.  Your total power systems can not use more than 25% of the total control
 of your S.I.N.C. In addition, for every 1 point of power generation, 
 50 points of storage are required.
 Body Location(open/used)           Body Slots Required(open/used)     
 power grid                         power grid pack
 Control Required: 1.00             Power Storage: 0
 Credit Cost: 10000                 Power Regeneration: 8